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Female Low Libido Natural Treatment And Remedies That You Ought To Know

Low female libido is as common as low male libido and in both the cases it does not work well for relationship between the two, natural treatments can not only maintain the desire for lovemaking but can also rejuvenate sexual life at any stage of life. Natural treatments are easy to follow and are safe as they do not leave any side effect, more and more men and women prefer natural ways of treating the problem of low libido over other medications.

There are many physical and psychological reasons those can account to promote reduction in the desire for lovemaking or decrease the pleasure of lovemaking to cause low libido in females. There are some phases in every woman’s life when she may feel lack of interest in lovemaking activity, duration of these phases can vary for every woman, such phases are post-delivery cool off, this is the time when woman is recovering after delivering a baby, menopause or pre-menopause etc. But some women loose their interest even when they are healthy and young and are not passing through any of these phases. Natural treatments can alleviate such situation and can boost up the pleasure and fun once again in love life.

Muira puama tree bark has been used since a long time for increasing female libido and sexual potency. It is very popular even today for its magical properties and is used in various effective supplements and medicines for treating sexual dysfunctions. Ashwagandha or withania somnifera is also a popular herb since time immemorial for its wonderful positive effects on love life of men and women both. It is also popular as Indian Ginseng but is considered as better than others as it is less heating and suits well to the female body. It is an adaptogenic herb which is non-toxic and initiates responses in the body to combat physical, biological and chemical stressors. This herb is used in many ancient and modern herbal medicines for improving overall health and as natural treatment for treating low female libido.

Gingko biloba can improve sexual responses of women and also can promote good overall health. It is a vital ingredient of many medicines and is very effective natural treatment for female libido as it improves desire, excitement and climax by improving sensation in female body. Saw palmetto is another herb which is used for treating sexual dysfunctions and disorders in males and females both, this herb has unique property of improving the action and effect of other herbs hence it is an important ingredient of many natural treatments. When used independently this herb can improve and maintain the balance of healthy prostrate gland hormones to optimize sexual functions of the body.

Sarasparila promotes secretion of testosterone and progesterone hormone in the body for improving female and male libido naturally. These hormones are vital for sexual functions of the body and for sexual responses. There are few other natural herbs which are effective in treating low female libido naturally like tribulus terresteris,catuaba, licorice roots, maca roots etc. These herbs shall be taken for sufficient duration for results and no two herbs shall be mixed together without an expert’s advice.

Backache Herbal Remedies – All Natural Pain Relief

Thousands of years ago ancient human stood up of his two hind limbs and started walking with two legs instead of four, gradually the back and spine of human beings adapted to maintain this posture and bodily needs. This change in performance of body function gave many advantages to humans by free his hands for attaining the skills to sustain life, but this also brought the problem of backache along, as the weight of entire body was transmitted to ground via the back and this makes backache the second most common reason to visit doctors clinic.

Pain occurs most commonly in lower back which is commonly called as lumbago. Most common cause of backache is herniation of inter vertebral disc. Backache may also be caused due to spinal tumor, ankylosing spondylitis, diseases in the pelvis, injury to the back sometimes caused due to lifting heavy weights.

Herbal remedies

Various different types of herbal remedies have been used since ages for this chronic painful condition, which aggravates off and on in patients of spinal diseases. Herbal remedies are considered better than the allopathic medicines by many due to its long lasting effects and lesser chances of producing adverse effects. These herbal preparations may be either for external application or may be for ingestion to cure the pain.

External herbal remedies

The external remedies are applied over the back with a gentle massage or just applied over the affected area and left as such, to relieve the pain cause. They may produce soothening effect either by warmth produced or by local release of chemicals in body by stimulating nerve endings in skin of back.

Hot pepper – It releases chemical ‘capsaicin’ which irritates and stimulates nerves to release the endorphins, the pain relieving chemicals in body. Preparations made by including pepper in creams are made for local applications over the back.

Ginger – Application of ginger, mixed with suitable other herbs is also believed to decrease the pain.

Herbal baths – By using herbs such as Chamomile, passion flower, Jamaican dogwood, lavender, peppermint, rosemary, ginger and St. John’s Wort hops may be helpful to many patients.

Herbal oils – Herbal oils obtained from trees such as eucalyptus and many such trees are available in markets are backache relieving formulas. You can also use Rumatone Gold Massage Oil for better result.

Herbal remedies for internal use

Many herbs are used as medicine to cure the chronic nature of backache. These herbs for use have been described in ancient Indian medicine literature of Ayurveda, although their exact mechanisms of action are not knows, as we know of the allopathic medicines today.

Guggulu – This is a herb which is used in many herbal preparations to treats pains of chronic nature such as the backaches and the rheumatic pains of joints. The preparations in the form of tablets or powders marketed by companies have to be taken many a time along with special medicinal solutions known as ‘Kada’. Preparations of Guggulu such as Yograj guggulu and Kaishore guggulu are available in tablet forms and if taken for long time such as 2-3 months, are believed to relieve chronic pains arising from joints including the back.

Coriander and turmeric powder – Taking this powder along with water for few days is believed to relieve the pains arising from joints of body.

Herbal Remedies For Joint Pain That You Must Know

A great many people around the world suffer from joint pain on a daily basis. Joint pain is basically inflammation of the surrounding tendons and ligaments. The drug industry has made billions of dollars supplying pain relief medications to these folks. While these drugs sometimes work, in some cases the side effects are worse than the joint pain itself. There are also dietary supplements that have been touted to relief joint pain. The two most commonly recommended of these supplements is Rumatone Gold and Chondroitin. For many years Rumatone Gold has been the number one selling treatment for joint pain in the United States with Chondroitin a very close second. The use of these two supplements by arthritis and other joint pain sufferers has had mixed results.

Many people have found relief from their joint pain through herbal remedies, natural type pain relief that has none of the adverse side effects that some drugs can have. In fact, there are many doctors that will recommend a more natural approach to joint pain relief.

There are medical studies that have documented very positive results in the use of herbal remedies in the relief of joint pain.

As the term herbal suggests these remedies are derived from plants. There are commercial herbal remedies and there are homespun herbal remedies. An example of a commercial remedy is Rumatone Gold which is herbal oil. While Rumatone Gold has been proven to work in many cases there are many herbal remedies that utilize substances that are a person may already have in their home. Like papaya seeds, a tea made from these seeds has been known to relieve joint pain for some sufferers. Porridge made of a mixture of molasses, winter cherry and ghee may also be effective. Turmeric in hot milk is another herbal type remedy. Honey mixed with apple cider vinegar or a mixture of garlic cloves fried in butter may be effective as well.

While all of some of these herbal remedies may sound a bit strange, to someone that suffers from joint pain they may sound that strange at all. Those folks that have suffered from joint pain for many years may be willing to try just about anything to get relief from this pain that can at times be very debilitating. To these people smelling up the house by frying up some garlic may be a small price to pay for even a brief bit of relief from the pain.